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Afford A Wall Acoustic Screen – Polycarbonate

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Free Standing Acoustic Screen (Polycarbonate)

Instantly divide up spaces and create privacy with our free standing acoustic screens. 

With 360° rotating panels and patented no-pinch seams, these 3-panel screens can be set up in a straight line, L-shape, or Z-shape configuration. The panels are made from fluted polycarbonate, which offers sound-reflecting qualities but does not reduce echoing within a room. 

With a light yet sturdy extruded aluminium frame, these screens are easy for almost anyone to move around, set up, and pack down for storage.


How to Use Free Standing Acoustic Screens

Waterproof, medical-grade, and easy to clean with a spray bottle and cloth, our polycarbonate acoustic screens are uniquely suited to environments that demand a high level of cleanliness, such as restaurants, bars, hospitals, vaccination stations, and medical centres. 

Their small, 3-panel design also makes them ideal for placement between desks as privacy screens, as well as between hospital beds to offer a more comfortable environment for patients while sleeping or during physical examinations. 

The screens can easily be placed between tables to minimise the spread of germs while also enhancing privacy for diners. The strong and sturdy aluminium frame and tip-resistant design allows objects such as artwork, whiteboards, notes, and more to be hung from the top of the panels as a visual display.

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3-panel design

Fully articulating hinges allow the screen to be configured in a straight line, Z-shape, or L-shape.

Made from strong yet lightweight extruded aluminium for additional durability

Lightweight screen is easy to transport, set up, and pack away

Option for support bases or lockable, smooth-rolling casters

Folds down to a narrow format for easy storage

Maximum length of 2.55m

Medical-grade polycarbonate panels are waterproof, easy to clean, and sound-reflecting

Stable enough for hanging objects such as artwork

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