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Afford A Wall Acoustic Screen – Fabric

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Fabric Acoustic Screen

Enhance privacy, block public access, or minimise distractions in the workplace with our fabric acoustic screens. 

Featuring flexible, 360° articulating hinges that allow the screen to be positioned in a straight line, an L-shape, or a Z-shape, these convenient partitions can be used in virtually any space. Both sides of the panels come covered in sound dampening fabric for greater acoustic performance, while the frame is made from lightweight aluminium for easy transport without compromising on strength or durability. 

The pinnable fabric can be used to pin notes, photos, signs and more, while the stable design means that whiteboards, artwork, and other objects can safely be hung over the partition without causing it to topple. 


How to Use Fabric Acoustic Screens

Our small, 3-panel screens are used by many industries for a variety of purposes. Their fully articulating hinges make them ideal for blocking off public access to private areas, while still allowing authorised personnel to slide the partition out of the way when entering the space. 

Freestanding acoustic screens are a popular option for use between office desks to offer a little extra privacy while minimising distractions for staff. The sound-dampening fabric can also help control noise in busy workplaces. 

We’ve seen these screens used as temporary, one-person change rooms when other facilities were not available, as well as for hiding equipment for events and performances. Notes, announcements, photos, and more can also be pinned to the acoustic fabric, making the screens perfect for use as bulletin boards or even activity boards for kids. 

Download Assembly Instructions

Simple, 3-panel design

360° rotating hinges allow acoustic screens to be configured in a straight line, Z-shape or L-shape

Covered in sound-dampening pinnable fabric

Lightweight construction means easy setup with no heavy lifting

Conveniently packs down for storage

Option for lockable wheels or support bases

Lightweight aluminum frame is extra strong and durable

Maximum length of 2.55m

Stable enough for hanging objects such as artwork

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Charcoal, Cloud grey, Navy Blue


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3 Panels