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360 Degree Acoustic Room Divider – Polycarbonate

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Folding Screen Room Divider (Polycarbonate)

Instantly turn large rooms into multi-functional spaces in moments with our folding screen room dividers. Made from sound-reflecting fluted polycarbonate panels, these free standing room dividers feature fully articulating hinges so you can configure them to any shape to suit your space. 

Lightweight and standing on lockable casters that roll smoothly over hard surfaces as well as carpeted floors, our room dividers are easy to transport, simple to set up, and are designed to pack down to a narrow format for convenient storage. 

These polycarbonate room dividers reflect sound to offer greater privacy, but feature no sound-dampening properties, and therefore cannot reduce echoing within the room.


How to Use Polycarbonate Folding Screen Room Dividers

Mobile room dividers allow you to transform your space in moments to suit a range of purposes.

The polycarbonate panels are designed to reflect noise, preventing voices and other sounds from making their way to the other side of the partition. This makes them a superior option for creating private spaces, such as temporary medical rooms, dedicated learning areas, and private conference rooms. 

The patented, no-pinch seams make them easy to set up, while the sturdy, tip-resistant design makes them safe for use around young children. In fact, these folding screen room dividers are so stable, you can even hang objects from the top, making them an excellent option for a temporary art wall. 

Waterproof, impact-resistant, and made from medical-grade materials, these folding polycarbonate screens are ideal for areas that are prone to spills and other messes as they can be wiped down for easy cleaning. This makes them popular in restaurants, cafes, hospitals, and medical centres where maintaining a hygienic environment is essential.

Download Assembly Instructions


Download 5 Panel Assembly Instructions


Download 7 Panel Assembly Instructions


Download 9 Panel Assembly Instructions


360° rotating hinges allow room dividers to be configured to any shape

Lightweight design can easily be moved by almost anyone

Sturdy, lockable wheels for easy transport and setup

Durable aluminium frame and low-clearance at the bottom for extra stability

Made from fluted polycarbonate which offers sound-reflecting qualities

Medical-grade and water-resistant panels can easily be disinfected and wiped down during cleaning

Extra stability allows objects such as artwork to be hung over the top of the panel

Folds down to a narrow footprint for easy storage

Simple to assemble in as little as 30 minutes.

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