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School Dividers

  • Divide large spaces into dedicated learning areas
  • Support student learning by minimising distractions 
  • Set up temporary art walls for displaying student projects
  • Pack away your partitions when not in use

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Multiple Configurations

Set up or change in any configuration
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Safety First Design

Stable and reliable, our acoustic room

dividers the safest on the market

Our Most Popular Dividers for Schools

Portable and easy to move between classrooms and buildings

360 Degree Acoustic Room Divider Fabric

  • Freestanding: No need to mount to the wall or ceiling
  • Size options from 2.59m to 7.62m in length
  • 360° articulating hinges for a range of configurations
  • Pinnable, sound-dampening fabric
From $8999

360 Degree Acoustic Room Divider Polycarbonate

  • Freestanding: No need to mount to the wall or ceiling
  • Size options from 2.59m to 7.62m in length
  • 360° articulating hinges for a range of configurations
  • Sound reflecting polycarbonate panels which can wiped down for cleaning
From $8999

Afford a Wall Acoustic Screen Fabric

  • Small, 3-panel school partition
  • Folds up for convenient storage
  • Choose between wheels and stands
  • Sound-dampening fabric for noise control
  • Pinnable panels for art or information display
From $4999

Afford a Wall Acoustic Screen Polycarbonate

  • Small, 3-panel school partition
  • Folds up for convenient storage
  • Choose between wheels and stands
  • Sound reflecting polycarbonate panels
  • Easy to clean wipeable surface
From $4999

How School Partition Walls Can Improve Learning Environments

Minimising distractions and controlling noise are two of the greatest challenges facing teachers today, And with space limited, gyms, halls, and other large areas often need to serve as multipurpose rooms.

Lightweight, highly portable, and setting up or packing down in moments, our school dividers are some of the most cost-effective and versatile partitioning solutions on the market. Not only do they serve as an attractive visual barrier, our soundproof room dividers also offer outstanding acoustic performance to help create a learning environment in which students can focus. 

Suited to a variety of uses, including minimising sound and dividing up large areas into dedicated learning spaces, school partition walls allow you to customise your rooms to suit your every need. 

And once you’re finished with your partitions, you can easily fold them up and store them away, ready for future use. 

Transform Your Space with Dividers for Schools

Divide Classrooms with School Partition Walls

If you need to divide one large classroom into two, our fabric dividers for schools are easy to use on any indoor surface, including carpeted floors. The partitions come covered in acoustic fabric which is designed to absorb sound, minimising distractions while acting as an attractive visual barrier between rooms. 

Once class is over or you need to open up the space, the partitions fold up neatly to a narrow format which can be discreetly stored away.

Create Dedicated Study Areas

Many students require a bit of peace and quiet to focus on their studies, which is why our 360 Degree Acoustic Room Divider Fabric are the perfect option for setting up temporary classrooms or study areas. 

Our fabric dividers for schools offer an attractive visual barrier while dampening sound to minimise noise and echoing. Alternatively, our folding polycarbonate school dividers offer sound-reflecting qualities, blocking external noises and containing internal ones. These partitions can help to create private spaces that allow students to focus on their work. 

Personalise Your Space With School Wall Art

Featuring pinnable fabric that allows pictures, photos, drawings, and more to be pinned directly to the panels, our fabric school room dividers and 3-panel acoustic screens can be used to personalise any learning space with student art.

The sturdy design also allows for objects to be hung from the panels without the risk of toppling, making them an excellent temporary school wall for art shows. The fully articulating hinges mean that you can set up your panels to any configuration, and then pack them away again once the exhibition is over.

Keep Staff, Students, and Parents Informed

With the option to pin notes, pictures, events, and other items directly to the panel, fabric acoustic screens make excellent data walls for tracking student performance. They can also be used as bulletin or information boards, while still acting as a privacy screen or room divider.

The pinnable fabric is popular amongst teachers who like to use visual displays to help keep students engaged in their lessons. This is a particularly helpful tool for younger students who may struggle to focus in class.

Hide Equipment or Supplies

Whether you’re hosting an event, or are looking for something a little more permanent, our partitions make an attractive storage solution for schools.
Fabric privacy screens can easily be rolled out against a wall to hide equipment, computers, and cables during performances, while larger room dividers can be used to create a bigger storage space.

These temporary walls can also transform a space into a backstage area or temporary

Create Temporary Classrooms with Flexible Classroom Furniture

For special events, flexible classroom furniture such as temporary walls can be used to set up activity rooms or learning spaces.

The 360° articulating hinges allow for a range of configurations, meaning that you will always be able to create exactly the space you need in moments. This a great option for schools that are low on space or can’t afford permanent rooms for these activities.

Room Dividers for Childcare Centres

Making it easier to keep young children under your supervision, our room dividers for childcare centres are a great way of keeping children contained to a single area.

Our polycarbonate room dividers are waterproof and easy to clean, so they can simply be wiped down to remove any splashes, food, paint, or other substances that may have been picked up throughout the day. Featuring pinch-proof seams and a lightweight yet solid construction that’s resistant to tipping, even when struck, our mobile room dividers for childcare centres are some of the safest on the market.

Creating Flexible Learning Spaces With Dividers for Schools

Whether you’re creating a temporary classroom, study spaces, or a data wall, school partitions are some of the most cost-effective, space-efficient, and convenient pieces of classroom furniture available.

All our partitions are shipped directly from our factory in Hong Kong for fast delivery directly to your school. We also offer up to a 3-year warranty on our products so you can enjoy greater confidence in your partitioning solution.

Find the Perfect School Dividers to Suit Your Needs

Our friendly team has a lot of experience helping schools with their flexible classroom furniture. If you need help deciding which temporary walls are right for your school, simply fill out the form below and we’ll be there to help.