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Mobile Room Dividers

Unmatched versatility to customise and divide space

Easy to set up, flexible, and a cost-effective option for customising your space, mobile room dividers are highly portable walls that can be rolled into virtually any area to transform the layout of your room.

Offering unmatched versatility and folding down to a narrow footprint, when movable dividers aren’t needed, they can easily be folded up and stored away for future use.

Choosing the Right Mobile Room Dividers

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Offering a range of high quality and lightweight products, we are a trusted provider of movable partitions in Hong Kong. But choosing the right mobile room dividers to suit your needs will depend on a number of factors.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Movable Dividers

  • The size of the space (height and length)
  • Your acoustic requirements
  • Pinnable fabric or polycarbonate panels
  • Cleaning and hygiene requirements

Portable Partition Walls Features

Portable acoustic partition walls are made from freestanding panels mounted onto wheels that easily roll through doors while gliding effortlessly over any indoor surface. These walls feature 360° articulating hinges so they can be configured to a range of different shapes to suit your needs.

Our portable walls are made from lightweight yet sturdy materials that make them an ideal option for open plan offices, as well as for use as portable dressing rooms for sports teams and performers where no permanent facilities can be installed.

The no-pinch seams and sturdy, tip-resistant design also makes them popular as school partition walls where child-safety is of the utmost importance.

Polycarbonate vs Acoustic fabric

Which Material is Right For You?

Both polycarbonate and fabric mobile room dividers offer outstanding acoustic performance, but feature different noise-controlling qualities. It’s important to consider your needs to ensure that you make the right purchase.

  • Polycarbonate is a hard, waterproof surface that reflects sound but won’t reduce echoing.
  • Acoustic fabric is a soft, pinnable material that absorbs sound to control both noise and echoing.

When to use Fabric Portable Partitions

With pinnable panels that minimise both noise and echoing, our range of acoustic fabric portable walls are our most popular products.

These partitions work well as sliding partition walls for office spaces where noise and sound reverberation can become distracting for employees. The pinnable surface also makes them an excellent teaching aid in classrooms, as well as a stylish option for creating visual art displays and notice boards.

When to use Polycarbonate Movable Screen Walls

Our polycarbonate movable screen walls offer no sound dampening qualities, but instead reflect sound back into the room.

The reflective qualities of these acoustic screens prevents sounds such as voices from making their way to the other side of the panel. This can help to provide a more private and less-distracting environment.

Polycarbonate movable screen walls are a popular choice for temporary conference rooms, or for staff who need a quiet place to focus on their work, away from the distractions of a busy office.

The medical-grade polycarbonate panels are easy to wipe down, making them suitable for use as ward screens, or movable walls in restaurants.

Why Purchase Mobile Room Dividers?

Have questions about buying a Mobile Room Divider? Chat with a specialist

While some soundproofing capabilities have been exchanged to achieve its lightweight, portable, and flexible design, our partition walls still offer outstanding acoustic performance, plus the additional benefits of a freestanding partitioning solution.

  • Flexibility: configures to just about any shape
  • Portability: Lightweight and rolls smoothly on almost any surface
  • Cost-effective: No need for costly or time-consuming installation processes
  • Acoustic performance: outstanding sound dampening or sound reflecting properties
  • Easy to store: Narrow-folding design with a travel lock to keep the partition closed in-transit

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