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Freestanding Room Dividers

Flexible, cost effective options to divide space

With a strong but lightweight aluminium frame, smooth-rolling lockable wheels, and fully articulating hinges that allow for a wide range of configurations, freestanding room dividers are a flexible, efficient, and cost effective option for dividing up your space.

Made from either sound absorbing fabric or sound-reflecting polycarbonate, our freestanding panels can be rolled into position in moments, set up by almost anyone, and then folded back up and stored away when not in use. This makes them popular in rented spaces where permanent installation may not be permitted, as well as in buildings that want the freedom to set up dedicated workspaces without sacrificing an open plan design.

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Choosing the Perfect Freestanding Panels

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With no need for mounting to a wall or track-system, freestanding room dividers can be used for a range of purposes by any industry and in almost any space. Here are some things to consider to help you get the most use out of your freestanding partitions.

What to Consider When Buying Freestanding Partitions

  • The size of the space, including the height of the roof and doors
  • Pinnable acoustic fabric vs sound reflecting polycarbonate panels
  • Privacy screen or full-sized walls
  • Hygiene: is regular cleaning and disinfecting required?

Freestanding Portable Walls

Ranging from 2.59m to 7.62m in length, there’s a freestanding partition to suit every space and need.

These freestanding room dividers come mounted on 2 and 3-inch castors and are made from high quality yet lightweight materials for easy transport. The 360° rotating hinges mean that the panels can be configured to just about any shape, or folded down almost flat for convenient storage.

When purchasing freestanding room dividers, you’ll be given the choice between a pinnable fabric surface, or polycarbonate panels.

3-Panel Screens

Featuring the same lightweight and highly portable design as the larger room dividers, and with the choice between pinnable fabric and fluted polycarbonate, our acoustic screens are made from 3 freestanding panels on fully articulating hinges and mounted on stands or wheels.

These freestanding partitions are an excellent option for offering a little extra privacy and comfort for staff, but can also be used for crowd control or to create customisable displays or notice boards.

When to Use Acoustic Fabric

Our fabric partitions are our most popular products, and are the perfect solution to minimising both noise and echoing within a space.

These fabric freestanding partitions can also be used to pin up photos, notes, announcements, and more, and are stable enough to hang items over the top of the panel.

This makes them ideal for use as school partitions walls, notice boards, temporary art walls, or even visual displays to aid teachers in the classroom.

When to Use Polycarbonate Freestanding Panels

Waterproof, easy to clean and disinfect, and made from medical-grade materials, our polycarbonate freestanding acoustic screens are the perfect option for areas where hygiene is essential, such as in a hospital, procedure room, or restaurant.

The unique, fluted polycarbonate panels are designed to reflect sound, meaning they don’t offer any sound dampening qualities, but instead block interior and exterior noises from making their way to the other side of the partition.

These freestanding partitions can create private spaces, such as consultation rooms or conference areas, or can be slid between patient beds for use as a medical privacy screen.

Why Use Freestanding Room Dividers?

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Rail mounted partitions are often used when complete sound isolation and floor-to-ceiling coverage is required. But this style of partition comes at an extremely high cost, and requires a long installation process by a professional builder.

Many people also find rail mounted screens harder to use and slower to set up than a freestanding solution. Our freestanding room dividers are cost-effective, flexible, highly portable, and can be set up by almost anyone in just seconds.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from your freestanding partitions.

Acoustic Performance

While some acoustic performance has been exchanged for portability, our soundproof room dividers still offer outstanding noise controlling capabilities.

The fabric partitions feature sound-dampening properties that make them ideal for minimising noise and echoing in large, empty spaces, while the polycarbonate partitions are designed to reflect sound, but don’t dampen sound.


Without the need to mount them to a wall or rail-system, freestanding room dividers can easily be rolled into any space, configured to any shape, and then packed down again in moments for easy storage. This means you can set up private rooms without having to commit to a single layout.

These screens are a popular option for use as freestanding office partitions without ever sacrificing an open plan design. Their lightweight and easy to transport construction also makes them an excellent option for setting up temporary portable dressing rooms where other facilities have not been provided.

Support Productivity

The noise and distraction of other people in the workplace can make it difficult for staff to focus on their tasks.

Freestanding panels can easily create dedicated work areas or be slid between desks for use as a privacy acoustic screen. This can help your staff focus on their individual tasks to enhance productivity, while still leaving the option to slide the freestanding panels aside during collaborative projects.

No Costly Installations

Fixed walls or rail mounted partitions need to be installed by a professional, which is not only an expensive process, it can also take weeks, or even months to complete.

Our freestanding room dividers require no costly installations or permanent alterations to your building, making them an excellent option for rented spaces. In fact, most of our dividers can be assembled in thirty minutes or less with few tools and virtually no building experience.

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