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Acoustic Screens

Sound reducing screens to increase privacy and control noise

Whether you’re looking for a privacy screen, a small room divider, or a bulletin board, our 3-panel acoustic screens are highly portable, quick to set up, and easy to store when not in use. Made with a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium frame, our free standing acoustic screens feature 360° articulating hinges that allow them to be positioned in a straight line, a Z-shape, or an L-shape configuration.

These screen dividers come fitted with either sound reflecting polycarbonate panels, or soundproof fabric to offer outstanding acoustic performance.

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Selecting the Right Free Standing Acoustic Screens

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Rolling into place and locking into position in moments, our free standing acoustic screens are used by a range of industries to suit a number of different purposes. Here are some things to consider to make sure you purchase the right screen divider to suit your needs.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Purchasing an Acoustic Screen

  • Do you need pinnable fabric or polycarbonate panels?
  • What are your acoustic requirements?
  • Will you be requiring wheels or a stand?
  • Is regular cleaning and disinfecting a requirement?

Acoustic Fabric vs Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a hard surface that’s easy to disinfect and wipe down, and is design though it does not reduce echoing within a room. By contrast, acoustic fabric is a so dampens sound, meaning it can help to reduce noise and echoing within a space

When to Use Polycarbonate Screens

  • When regular cleaning and disinfecting is expected, such as in the medical or hospitality industries
  • When a medical-grade material is required
  • When needed in an area prone to splashing or soiling
  • When only sound-reflecting properties are required

When to Use Fabric Screens

  • When both noise reduction and echo reduction are requ
  • When the screen is to be used as a pinnable surface

Why Choose Acoustic Privacy Screens?

While our privacy screens can’t offer the same floor-to-ceiling coverage or complete sound isolating properties as fixed walls or ceiling mounted partitions, they still offer outstanding acoustic performance.

They also require no costly installation by a professional builder, so you can save both time and money while enjoying the benefits of a more flexible and versatile partitioning solution.

  • Assembles in as little as 5 minutes with minimal tool-use or expertise needed
  • Freestanding design means no need for permanent alterations to your building
  • Screens can be moved and transported in moments
  • Lightweight and highly portable design can quickly be set up by almost anyone
  • Folds up for easy storage when not in use

Acoustic Performance

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If you need a visual barrier for privacy and some sound reduction would be nice, then our acoustic privacy screens are for you.

On the other hand if sound reduction is the most important factor, you should consider a bigger partition like our Acoustic Room Divider range for the best acoustic benefit.

What perceived acoustic performance to expect

  • Sound travels through air, so noise will always be heard on the other side.

Acoustic Screens - Fabric

  • Our fabric sound absorbing panels have an NRC value of approximately 0.5, but because sound trav through air, the total perceived noise reduction will be less and will vary on a case by case basis

Acoustic Screens - Polycarbonate

  • Like glass, polycarbonate is a hard surface that reflects almost all noise so it may increase the perceived echo in the room, but reduce overall noise on the other side of the partition.

Applications & Benefits

Have questions about buying an Acoustic Privacy Screen? Chat with a specialist

Enhance Workplace Privacy

Free standing acoustic screens are a highly versatile and convenient partitioning solution for the workplace.

Small mobile room dividers can easily be slid between desks as office screens to help improve privacy while minimising distractions for staff. As our indoor privacy screens come fitted with pinnable material, employees can also stick notes and memos to the soundproof fabric to maximise workplace efficiency.

If you’re looking to set up larger workspaces, we suggest taking a look at our acoustic room dividers, which range between 2.59m and 7.62m in length.

Support Productivity

A noisy space can be a difficult environment to work in. Our fabric acoustic screens come fitted with sound-dampening material, which can help minimise distracting sights and sounds so that everyone can focus on their work.

Alternatively, polycarbonate screens offer sound reflecting qualities that can help block out voices and other distracting noises to enhance learning at school or productivity in the workplace. Their lightweight and neatly folding design also makes them ideal for use as cubicles for short-term office staff during the busy seasons.

Flexible and Hygienic

Catering to the needs of hospital patients can be difficult, especially in times of increased sickness, such as during a pandemic.

Our polycarbonate acoustic screens offer the versatility of a free standing screen divider which can be rolled through the hospital and slid between beds, or set up as a temporary vaccination station.

Made from medical-grade and waterproof polycarbonate, these medical privacy screens on wheels can easily be wiped down and disinfected to maintain a healthy environment for staff and patients alike.

Block Access to Restricted Areas

No matter the industry, there are certain areas that you don’t want visitors, customers or students to access.

Rolling into position and folding out in moments, our acoustic privacy screens can be used as restaurant, gallery, or industrial partitions to block off-limits areas, while still allowing authorised personnel to push the partition aside when needed.

Our fabric dividers can even have ‘no entry’ signs pinned directly to the surface of the partition to remind people that they’re not authorised to enter

Pinnable Boards

Made from a honeycomb cell core with fibreglass sheets on both sides, and covered in pinnable soundproof fabric, our acoustic fabric screens work perfectly as notice boards and school dividers.

These free standing room dividers can be pinned with pictures, event flyers, notices, decorations, and specials to let staff and patrons know what’s happening around the business. The screens are also specifically designed to be resistant to tipping, making it safe to hang objects from over the top of the screen.

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