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Sliding Soundproof Room Dividers

Improve the acoustic performance of any space in seconds

Highly portable, lightweight, and featuring 360° articulating hinges for endless configurations, our sliding soundproof room dividers give you the freedom to transform any space to suit your needs.

Standing on lockable, smooth-rolling castors that glide effortlessly over hard surfaces as well as carpeted floors, our acoustic partitions are made from lightweight yet durable materials that make them easy for just about anyone to set up in moments. A low-cost and versatile partitioning solution that doesn’t compromise on quality, acoustic room dividers can be rolled into position in seconds, and then easily folded back up after use for convenient storage.

Choose your mobile acoustic screen

Due to their ease of use and versatile design, mobile screens can be used in almost all spaces in all industries. Buying the right mobile screens to make the most of your space requires thinking ahead about how they will be used.

Things to consider before finding the right mobile screen

  • Height and length of space
  • Your requirements for sound insulation coefficient and sound insulation effect
  • Do you need regular cleaning and disinfection?
  • Location (will it be used near food, water, or in a medical room?)

Polycarbonate vs Acoustic Fabric: Which Mobile Acoustic Screen is Right for You

When choosing a mobile acoustic screen, you have two options: fluted polycarbonate or acoustic fabric. Both offer excellent acoustic performance but differ in utility, so it's important to consider your needs before deciding on a sound-absorbing partition material for your panels.

Polycarbonate and acoustic fabric:

  • The polycarbonate surface is hard, water-resistant, easy to clean, and designed to reflect sound, but not reduce echo.
  • The soft, secure fabric surface has sound-absorbing properties to help minimize noise and echoes.

Fabric sound-absorbing screen

Our most popular acoustic screen product, fabric acoustic screens have the same strong yet lightweight construction as our polycarbonate screens, but are covered with snap-on acoustic fabric.
This acoustic fabric material is designed to absorb sound and really helps to minimize noise and reverberation in large echo chambers.

Attractive Visual Barrier

Fabric acoustic screens provide an attractive visual barrier and can be personalized with photos, pictures, notes and other items.

They are often used as classroom dividers, and their acoustic properties make them ideal for mobile screens in gyms, reducing the echoes common in sports areas such as basketball courts.

Large Screen Space

Our mobile acoustic screens roll into place in an instant and can be set in any configuration, dividing larger rooms into smaller areas. This means they can transform lobbies, gyms, restaurants, etc. into different dedicated event areas.

Acoustic fabric panels are also well known, perfect for minimizing noise and reverberation in large open rooms.

Create a temporary art wall

Freestanding mobile screens can be set up in almost any configuration you can imagine, and can also be packed into a narrow format for easy storage. Designed for safety and stability, these removable screens lock into place and won't tip over while hanging artwork and other items.

Freestanding mobile screens make them the perfect addition to art galleries and museums, where spaces often need to be reconfigured according to the collections being displayed at the time.

Polycarbonate mobile sound-absorbing screen

These screens are made of fluted polycarbonate panels designed to reflect noise. This means they offer no sound-absorbing properties, but are an excellent choice for keeping sound and other noise from reaching the other side of the partition.

Unlike glass screens, polycarbonate movable screens can create private and distraction-free spaces for employees, students, patients and customers alike.

Perfect for places where hygiene is a top priority

Polycarbonate is a water-resistant, medical-grade material that is easy to wipe down during cleaning. This makes it popular for sound-absorbing partitions in hospital rooms where hygiene is critical.

The screen can be easily cleaned, sanitized, and dried in seconds, while the water-resistant material can withstand spills and other accidents without staining or long-term damage. This can make them an especially good choice as acoustic screens in restaurants, where regular cleaning is critical to the health and safety of patrons.

Create a private area

The acoustically reflective properties of mobile acoustic screens mean they can be used to create private areas for discussion, study or work. Fluted polycarbonate panels help keep sounds, such as vocals, inside the space while keeping outside noise out. This makes them ideal for use as office partitions, industrial partitions and even as partitions in schools to help students study without distractions.

It's a low-cost and convenient way to create a temporary consulting room without permanently sacrificing the open design of your space.

Why buy a mobile sound-absorbing screen?

Due to their free-standing design, our screens do not provide the same floor-to-ceiling coverage or sound insulation as fixed wall or ceiling partitions.

However, they still offer excellent sound insulation, with the added bonus of being a versatile solution.

  • Quick Assembly: Our mobile screens assemble in as little as 30 minutes, compared to months of installation for other solutions
  • Cost-effective: Great savings without costly professional installation
  • Transportation costs: Please consult customer service
  • Flexibility: Configurable to install anywhere.
  • Neatly folded: It can be folded after use for easy storage

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