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Commercial Room Divider Applications

School Dividers – Education Industry

A range of dividers for school to help teachers customise each class as needed, create active learning environments and increase cooperation among students

Office Partitions – Corporate Industry

A range of office partitions, office divider panels, office screens and freestanding office partition walls to help you maximise the use of your workplace

Create procedure rooms for dental and physiotherapy appointments

Ward Screens – Medical Industry

A range of ward screens, medical privacy screens on wheels and hospital room dividers to help medical centres cope with the constant pressure of increasing patients

Restaurant Dividers – Hospitality

A range of restaurant dividers for the hospitality industry. Cafes, Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants host a number of different events, often all at the same time. Having the ability to optimise their existing space is invaluable.

Gym Dividers – Sport & Leisure

A range of gym divider walls for the sport and leisure industry. With spaces often used as multi-purpose rooms for sports, community events, conventions, and even classes flexible options for dividing up their space are essential. 

Warehouse Dividers & Industrial Partitions

A range of warehouse and industrial partitions to help factories, warehouses, and other industrial buildings to manage their space to accomodate the range of people, equipment, and vehicles every day.