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We make premium office partitions, room dividers and acoustic screens that help you organise and divide your existing space without the hassle

360 Degree Acoustic Portable Room Divider (Fabric) - Portable Partitions Hong Kong

The Portable Partitions Difference

We’re dedicated to helping you transform your space, whenever and however you want.

Fast & Reliable

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warehouse in Hong Kong

3 Year Warranty

Up to 3 year warranty on materials
and workmanship defects

Highly Portable

Lightweight and smooth-rolling,
our dividers are easy to move,
set up, and store

No Permits. No Builders

Hassle free assembly. No builders,
permits or costly installations required

Multiple Configurations

Set up or change in any configuration
thanks to our 360 degree hinges

Safety First Design

Stable and reliable, our acoustic room

dividers the safest on the market

The smart choice for optimising your space

Vetted and trusted by your industry leaders, our acoustic room
dividers are the safest and most flexible space optimisation
products on the market.

They’re one of the most cost-effective solutions too!

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A Flexible Design for Unmatched Versatility

With a variety of styles, sizes, colours, and materials to choose from, there’s an acoustic room divider to suit every space.

Featuring 360° rotating hinge technology, your partitions can be configured to any shape you need, while the smooth-rolling wheels allow them to be used on any indoor surface, including carpets.

The lightweight panels can be set up with ease by almost anyone, while the neatly folding design allows you to pack them up and store them away when not in use. This means you can enjoy the freedom of customising your space however you like without ever having to commit to a single layout.

This also makes them a popular option for rented spaces where permanent alterations to the building may not be permitted.

A Cost-Effective Solution for Any Application

The beauty of our products is that they’re easy to assemble with no need for installation, permits, or builders.

In fact, our room dividers can be assembled in just thirty minutes, while our privacy screens can be put together in as little as five minutes without extensive tool-use or building experience.

This means you can save both time and money while enjoying the benefits of a flexible, freestanding partitioning solution.

The screens even come with a travel lock to keep them safely closed during travel, so they can be loaded into a truck and taken to a new location to save you on setup and furniture costs when moving to a new building

Built for Safety and Stability

Featuring patented no-pinch seams to keep fingers safe during setup, and with no railings for children to climb on, our partitions are a safe option for use in schools and childcare centres.

The partitions come with rounded edges on each end to prevent injury, while the panels are set on sturdy supports with a low centre of gravity that makes them incredibly stable.

The articulating hinges also allow the partitions to absorb sudden impacts, adapting to the force rather than flipping over the way other partitions can.

Our fabric partitions comply with fire regulations, while our polycarbonate room dividers are made from medical-grade materials that are easy to clean and safe to use in hospitals, medical centres, restaurants, and other areas where hygiene is a priority

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